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DJ Ermi was born in Naples in is a Composer/Producer/Remixer/DJ and Vinyl Collector.

His journey through music began in the late 1970s, he listened to "Funk & Disco Music" from his brothers Vinyl collection and on the radio,. The unbridled passion for music "dance" allowed him to play for a more adult audience for the first time in 1984.
Since its inception as DJ it has always been the sound of Vinyl that first gave him emotions, he never followed
what was suggested by the radio charts or from retailers.

In the golden age of vinyl he was defined many times as “Too Meticulous" just by dealers for his
obsessive refinement of his "personal" sound ranging from Jazz/funk/disco to sound extreme

His personal archive contains about 4700 vinyl. Currently, he is one of the founders of the Association "Save the Vinyl-Naples".

His first approach with new methodologies and technologies for creating music (Sampler; Modules;
Atari) was in 1990 (with the first sampler studied: yamaha tx 16 W)
He currently collects "Rare Vinyl" and creates music, without ever having studied an instrument.

There are numerous publications on various remixes on ”Indie Record Labels” as : Black Vinyl; Double Cheese Rec ;Soundman On Wax ; Tony Records ; Conya ; Clubstar ; Audiobite ; B-side; Transalp,etc..
Currently his own label "Inspires Rec" "i'm What i do"
“Music is an integral part of My life.....It always will be ...".......DJ Ermi hire me

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Based In: Naples, Italy
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