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Raised in a musical family, Dennis discovered the world of creating music at the age of 13. From scratch, he produced a lot of different kinds of electronic music that fit his musical taste and within a year and a half, he knew that producing was not enough. Dennis took DJ-lessons from his older brother and started mixing his favorite dance tracks.

The first two years of creating and playing music felt so good that he continued his search for one particular genre he could dive into.

In the four years that followed, Dennis built up a passion for hardstyle music. He learned how to build up a network and gained more knowledge about producing, releasing and DJ’ing. Though, after these four years on the scene, he felt the need to extend his horizon and his musical interests became brighter...

In 2006, Dennis attended the DJ/producer-course at the Rockacademie in Tilburg (NL) to improve his skills and to decide which kind of music fit his talents the most. There he worked with singers, musicians and other people that lead him to his new destination: House Music. Influenced by disco, funk, lounge, jazz and soul, Dennis found out that House was the music his heart belonged to. This genre allowed him the opportunity to express his emotions and ideas the best.

After figuring out his new DJ/producer-alias in December 2007, the first opportunity of a release immediately felt in his lap. And it was definitely not the worst. His classmate Simon van Kesteren (a.k.a Soul Conspiracy/Raul Moros) needed a remix for his next release and before Dennis could even think about it, his first remix on Soulfuric Trax could be found in record and web-shops all over the world. And that’s where the story of D-Reflection started...

After being active in the scene for more than six years now, Dennis released on highly respected house labels such as Salted Music, Soulfuric Trax, Blockhead Recordings (USA), Purple Music (CH), Adaptation Music, Connect:d, Universe Media (UK), Panevino Music (CH), Stimulated Soul Recordings (NL), Deep Village Digital Records (DE), Just4Funk Records (IT) and many more.

His releases received support by the likes of Grant Nelson, Miguel Migs, Tony Humphries, Souldynamic, Scott Diaz, Jask, Dave Mayer, Osunlade, Andy Ward, Abicah Soul, Random Soul and hundreds, if not, thousands of other DJs around the globe. With interviews and guest mixes broadcasted on different radio stations all over the world and bookings in several (beach) clubs in the Netherlands, D-Reflection is recognised by a lot of DJ’s and producers as one of Holland’s finest names in the scene, with his undeniable passion for everything that has to do with soulful, deep, and warm, quality house music. hire me

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Based In: Amsterdam, Netherlands
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