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    Hmmm... wot can i say here???
    (i Hate this bit!)

    well... hi im keeley & im a shopaholic!
    Im also skatty, sarcastic & have the attention span of a fruitbat as most of you know.

    Bit of a gypo really.....I was born in leicestershire and grew up in west london (Middlesex) , when i was 14 my parents sold up and moved to south devon to give us kids a better life, shortly afterwards they split up so alot of good that was!! Anyway, early 95 i moved to w sussex to join the airlines and now live in a commuter village in bedfordshire, where i moved to be nearer my mum who not long after sold up & moved to spain! Yup cheers mum i'm getting the hint!!!
    Im 36 (only just!!) trapped in the mind of a 21yr old!! LOL!
    I believe everyone should "Live for today" as you never know whats around the corner, life has taught me that! I worked as airline cabin crew for 8 years and got to where i wanted to be purser/ trainer then took voluntary redundancy in oct 2002 when the travel industry was suffering the aftermath of 9/11 and decided to purse my own beauty business, which dont get me wrong i thoroughly enjoy and have met some fantastic people thru it, And now wor as sales & marketing manager for a nightclub / restaurant which so far im lovin!

    have a gorgeous son called Max who is 10yrs and is one cool little geezer tho i say it myself!

    erm.....i spose thats enuff bout me for now..... im boring myself!!

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