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    In short it all started for Dave about 8 years ago, listening to a radio show in his bedroom in a small town in the UK. At the time he had no idea this style of music existed but quickly fell in love with it and began collecting records.
    This love for house music soon culminated into a career that would see Dave playing across 3 continents and in countries like Russia, Spain, Egypt, Cyprus and all over the UK.

    On the way Dave played in venues of all shapes and sizes meeting and playing with many of the house music scenes leading producers.

    Dave has also become well known for his “hotmixes” on the very radio show where his love of house music was born!

    Dave’s first success as a professional DJ came in his home town of Grantham, UK where he found himself playing at almost all of the venues in the town.

    After making a name for himself in his own town Dave started playing in nearby neighbouring towns and eventually crossed paths with Ibiza Untouched. It was working with Ibiza Untouched that would take Dave’s career to the next level.

    Dave was travelling the UK with the Ibiza Untouched crew putting on classic 90’s shows in popular venues all over the UK. These shows would see Dave playing anything between the 90’s rave scene, and the house music of the early 90’s.

    After prolonged success with Ibiza Untouched in the UK a deal was signed for Dave and Ibiza Untouched to go to Sharm El Sheikh.

    Dave spent a year as the resident in Pangaea Nightclub in Sharm El Sheikh, regularly serving up the goods to audiences from all over the world. Dave found himself playing to crowds of Russian, Italian, Swedish, French and in fact people of most European countries. It was this experience that made Dave the diverse and experienced DJ he is today.

    After brief spells playing in Spain, Dave then spent a year in Moscow, Russia, where he met many of the house music scenes leading producers. Dave went on to play in bars and cafés in Moscow and eventually he found himself playing at the famous after party in Garage Club, Moscow alongside Garage residents Soul Cola (Pasha NoFrost & Kolya Smart. This after party has seen the likes of Yass, Dj Slider, Hardsoul, Scott Diaz and many more grace the decks.

    After this Dave saw a brief spell in Limassol, Cyprus which saw him open the House Bar in Limassol and play other gigs on the island.

    Dave now resides in Tamworth, just outside Birmingham, UK and is looking for the next step in his career.

    At this point it is no longer about big venues and flashing lights it is simply all about the love of real house music and the thrill of sharing this musical experience with like-minded people that understand what house music is about.

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